Shipping & Returns

All equipment will remain the property of CC Discount Heating until payment is received in full.

We endeavor to deliver most products within 7 days, however some larger, fragile items may take longer. All delivery dates given are only and always provisional. We suggest that you DO NOT arrange a plumber until your goods have arrived. Goods are subject to availablity and delay in delivery of goods is sometimes ouf our control. To ensure bathroom sanitaryware products reach you in perfect condition, we send larger fragile goods via a door to door delivery service.

We currently only dispatch to customers in the UK with cleared funds except where a suitable account has been previously arranged.

If delivery is expected to be longer than 10 days, we will inform you via email. Shipping costs will be claculated once items are added to your cart.

It is the responsibility of the customer to determine that the type of equipment purchased is fit for the intended use. Any advice given by CC Discount Heating is given in good faith and may be inaccurate if insufficient or inaccurate information is supplied by the customer.
No disputes will be accepted in respect of verbal communication.
Pictures may differ from products actually supplied and are for illustrative purposes only.
Goods are not supplied on a trial basis.

If items are returned for restocking a charge will apply.

CC Discount Heating shall not be liable for any indirect, special or consequential loss or damage (including without limitation or loss of profits) arising from the use of any product or any breach of warranty.

No equipment returns will be accepted without prior authorisation from CC Discount Heating.

Refunds for any reason will only be given for goods returned with original packaging, documentation and software in original condition with original receipt / invoice.

Unsolicited return of equipment will be subject to a minimum handling charge of £15.00 plus cost of return shipping where appropriate.

Where goods are agreed to be dispatched C.O.D and the goods are not paid for on receipt the purchaser will be liable for the full cost for transport plus the C.O.D surcharge.

CC Discount Heating does not accept responsibility for the installation and use of any equipment.

Payment outstanding beyond stated payment period will be subject to interest of 10% per month.

The warranty
i) Any given warranty will commence from and include the invoice date or delivery date whichever is the earlier.
ii) The warranty includes the free replacement or repair of any part of the equipment hardware covered which has failed due to defects in materials or workmanship during normal working use, excluding batteries and consumables. This excludes failures due to damage which occurs in shipment or failures that result from accidents, misuse, abuse, neglect, mishandling, misapplication, alteration, faulty installation, modification or damage that are attributable to acts of God.
iii) CC Discount Heating has full discretion on whether to repair and/or replace any defective product covered by warranty.
iv) Replacement parts may be fitted to your equipment as part of a warranty repair. In this eventuality both CC Discount Heating and you agree that legal title to the original parts shall pass from you to CC Discount Heating, and at the same time legal title for the replacement parts shall pass from CC Discount Heating to you.
v) In certain circumstances the replacement or repair of a part may necessitate the use of an improved component. There will be NO charge for this.
vi) In the event that a repair cannot be effected to restore the equipment to working condition, we will offer to purchase it at the then current market value.
vii) Any piece of equipment returned should be insured against loss & damage by the customer and ideally packaged in the original packaging. Otherwise, suitable packaging and internal packaging protection for the equipment should be used. If it is not, then it is possible your warranty will be void.
viii) Returned “Faulty” Equipment where No Fault is found will be subject to a minimum charge of 15% of the value of equipment or £25 admin fee which ever is the higher where a refund is given. Additional charges may apply if the returned equipment is incomplete in any way. In the case where the goods are returned to the customer as requested, the customer will be subject to a minimum charge to cover the cost of return shipping where appropriate.

The Customer agrees:
i) Where the Warranty is RTB ( Return to Base ) to pay all costs of shipping to CC Discount Heating. CC Discount Heating will pay all costs relating to the return of goods to mainland UK only.
ii) If the goods you purchased were collected in person or by a 3rd party ( i.e. no shipping charges were invoiced ) you may be charged for the goods to be returned to you in the event of a warranty return.
iii) To pay any additional charges including parts and labour charges for repair resulting from damages due to abnormal use.
iv) To carry out routine day to day preventative maintenance as may be recommended under the customer operating instructions supplied with the equipment.
v) To ensure that packaging & insurance for return meets the conditions under item (warranty vii).

The statements in this document are in addition to your statutory rights and do not diminish those rights in any way.

Liabilities: CC Discount Heating, its servants and/or agents shall not be liable for injury, loss or damage whatsoever unless caused by the wilful default of CC Discount Heating, its servants and/or agents in respect of death or injury unless caused by the negligence of CC Discount Heating, its servants and/or agents. In any event CC Discount Heating shall not be liable for any losses, damage or delay whatsoever arising from any cause outside the control of CC Discount Heating, its servants and/or agents.